New Roles of University Museums in Higher and Public Education—
An International Symposium, Taipei, 2017

A personal saga for museum science - NTU museum outreach activities

Alex Hon-Tsen Yu
Department of Life Science and Museum of Zoology
National Taiwan University

NTU Museums (or NTU Museum Group) were established in the year of 2007. NTU Museum of Zoology, like other member museums, was started before WWII during Japanese colonial rule and based on individual professors’ collections.  As one can imagined, the collections were neglected after the war and subjected to various disadvantaged fates. Fortunately, the zoological collections survived and regained new life when NTU Museum Group was launched. However, difficulties lingered. Since 2007, we have embarked on a priority outreach program in an attempt to earn public support and to recruit citizen scientists. In this presentation, I will demonstrate how we have made substantial progresses in the last 10 years. I trust our experiences is to set a good example to run a university museum/collection for the benefit of universities and general public.

Keywords: NTU Museum Group, popular science education, outreach, research specimen collection, citizen science


台灣大學生命科學系暨動物博物館 教授



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